You can imagine where it goes from here…

DARPA noise cancelling coming to a bluetooth headset near you soon!

It seems pretty cool. Check out the demo movies.


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A tale of two sisters

I got another Macbook Pro, a 2.33ghz Core 2 Duo 15″ (matte). I also got one around March 06, a 2ghz Core Duo 15″.

So has anything changed? Not really, the finish on the new keyboard is slightly different, it feels a little courser, nice but only used in a pinch or on the road. The screen unfortunately is still shit. The spatial uniformity is really poor (in all fairness somewhat better than the older one of the two.. production variance?) and has a pretty bad backlit leak at the bottom (they all do). By default the new one has a strong blue cast while the older one has a strong yellow cast. It is a disgrace how much better the 15″ LCD in my old PentiumM $1100 Dell is. Not to mention 1680×1050 vs 1440×900.

Doing some more IO & CPU intensive tasks (such as installing the same software with fink) the new MBP is clearly faster than the old one. It’s interesting to note the Seagate drive has been replaced with a Fujitsu, also the Matshitty dvd burner has been replaced by a HL-DT-ST (which I believe is a TEAC – anyone remember them from the good ol 1.2 & 1.44mb floppy days?) that is now DVD+R DL capable.

It will be time to wish the older one goodbye in two weeks, I’m moving on to another job. Anyone knows of a good way to get stickers of a MBP ?:)

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Tab stopped working in Firefox

Just mysteriously overnight.. used to work just fine. The problem persists on all pages I’ve visited, restarts made no difference. No upgrades has happened in the mean time that I know about. Seems like I’m not alone.

UPDATE: I don’t have the specific extension mentioned in that forum post but I uninstalled a few old extension that I still had floating around, restarted firefox and voila, problem cured.

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