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Disappearing windows on OSX

It has happened a few times now, somehow when moving my Macbook Pro around and disconnecting from my desktop LCD some windows (typically Mail) will move (almost) entirely offscreen. It’s quite persistent too, restarting the app or even the OS makes no difference. Fortunately there is a silver sliver to the story.


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More money and happiness

The New York times published a story about money and happiness yesterday. I liked their conclusion.

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Are you happy?

I read an article in the Metro (Silicon Valley’s weekly newspaper which in print is 90% ads & 10% content – who would visit such a site?) entitled Happiness Science. A pretty good read overall. The article points out the difference between pleasure and happiness, it says latter is based on achievement and self-esteem. It reminded me of a talk by Dharma Mittra I recently attended. He asked what happens to your happiness if you are in a car accident and lose a limb or a natural disaster or world war strikes your country and you lose all your assets and your family, would you have any happiness? He said true happiness is realized from the inside.

I believe the pursuit of happiness is central to our existence. Trying to understand what happiness is (be it scientifically or spiritually) is an integral start to that pursuit. We are so easily distracted by the pursuit of pleasure we neglect our conquest for happiness. Especially if you’re a geek 🙂

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