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Load testing AJAX with JMeter

Testing normal AJAX (using DWR) connections with JMeter is reasonably straight forward. Note that if you are using Spring’s CharacterEncodingFilter and force UTF-8 (since JMeter does not set the character encoding), POST parameters will not be read by the DWR servlet, in this case either disable your filter or use a GET for your AJAX requests and keep the parameter size in check.

Setup a POST to login to your application (or whatever is necessary to establish a session).

GET dwr/engine.js, parse the response and bind the HTTP Session ID and scriptSessionId to JMeter variables:

jmeter login

jmeter get httpsession id

setup script session id

And now to make an actual AJAX request:

make ajax call

To inspect your existing AJAX calls I recommend using a proxy such as Charles, Firebug doesn’t show you (or at least me:) the request parameters. Parameters to note are:


where the click happened


DWR seems fairly unbothered by this but I click through a sequence of events, setup my test plan to match that sequence and then use those batchIds (Charles’s sequence view is very useful for this)


Be sure to pass the required parameters.

Coming in Pt II … how to load test reverse AJAX connections. Watch this space.


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